About Us

Battle Of The Gods will be your number one blog, where we will discuss news and news related events. Due to the many circumstances in our world today we have seen how the media has become imbued into the way we live.

The media, and the news influence us and our thinking more that we would like to acknowledge. Why?

Because most of us don’t want to believe that our media is influencing our behavior.

Kids are constantly reminded that the way to act and behave as illustrated on T.V. and the media. We want the best new clothes and accessories. The best cars, we idolize pop stars and pop culture and are constantly reminded of what pop stars are currently doing, even though it plays little to no influence in our lives

We watch depressing and terrible stories on the news, that just make our lives more miserable that it already is.

This blog will talk about Media and news events and why they suck.

If you think that I am wrong, disagree with my opinions, contact me here

Watch this brief video on why the news media Sucks