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Trump to appoint son-in-law Kushner as special advisor

President Trump has planned to give Jared Kushner, his son-in-law a position in the white house. Kushner will be given a presidential advisory position. Due to this, aides states that nepotism laws do not apply to White House appointees.

Trump made an appearance to confirm the appointment of his son-in-law and answered the reporters’ questions with short answers. Kushner played a very crucial role in Trump’s presidential campaign and he has a great interest in taking those political instincts and business skills to Trump’s administration.

In his short appearances to reporters, Trump has refused to answer queries concerning Russia and the election. However, he assured that the Senate would confirm his whole lot of nominees and it surely did.

Americans and Personal Finance

A lot of adults make mistakes in personal financing and hence fail in considering school and retirement. A great number of states are improving the curriculum and courses in schools regarding the mentioned topic but a majority of Americans do not have adequate knowledge on this. Parents also fail in this since they will always talk to their children about sex and neglect personal financing.

In a move to improve personal financing, firstly, stay away from cars and houses that are unaffordable to you. In case you are using a car that you can’t afford, sell it, and if you are living in a house that is too expensive for you, also move. If you want to move and you are in Minnesota, you can contact Minneapolis movers.

Secondly, ensure that you treat your credit card with a lot of care. Only use it when you need to. Extraneous spending will land you into financial trouble especially since the interest rates are very high.

Also, ensure that you save at least three months of expenditure in your bank account. This will protect you in case you are in a bad month or in case you lose your job. Also, ensure that you contribute to a retirement plan if you lack one at work.

Therefore be keen on your personal finance so that you can safeguard your future.