How To Become A Better Writer

Writing is usually taken for granted and many people tend to dismiss it as “irrelevant” or “easy.” However, having polished writing skills is more important nowadays than it had ever been– what with all the grammar Nazis roaming the internet. Apart from that, writing well can help strengthen your professionalism and make it easier to convey written messages. So if you’re hoping to follow the steps of Hemingway or if you simply want your words to read better, here are some tips you can follow for you to become a better writer.

1. Read, read, and read

If writing is your engine, then reading is the fuel. You don’t necessarily have to read books either; read about any topic you’re interested in. Look for scientific articles online, read fashion blogs, skim through the newspaper, study fascinating essays. Your vocabulary and grammar will improve immensely without your knowing.

2. Write… a lot

Of course, in order to get better at writing, you’ll have to practice. Writing is still a skill and every skill can be improved if done repeatedly. Write however you want to. Don’t mind your grammar just yet– there’s time for that later. Simply let your ideas flow and write as you go.

3. Know your audience

Writers tend to write for someone– the general public, their loved ones, the abused, or even themselves. Structure your writing according to your audience. For instance, you can’t very well write an article about moving companies Chicago without the slightest clue as to how a Chicagoan thinks.

4. Revise.

Scrutinize your own work. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes, incomprehensible sentences, and awkward structures. For instance, you might have used “your” in “you’re welcome.” Go back and revise your work. This will help you identify your weaknesses and correct it.
5. Focus
Get rid of distractions. Focus on your writing to have better output. Turn off the internet and keep your phone away from you. Getting distracted will only obstruct the flow of ideas. Write and do nothing else but write. This will help you improve your skills.