The News

So where do you get your news? That is not as easy a question as it used to be. With the internet and the increasing popularity of multiple social media sites, there is no limit to the amount of information and news available. Of course not all information online is trustworthy, but the internet is truly a great source of news, whether you are looking for current events, local news, or the latest sports topics.

For those of us who are reluctant to jump on the internet wave, the old forms of media are still abundantly available. Newspapers, magazines, and even the 5 o’clock news are where many people choose to get their daily news. There is still something to be said for being able to hold a newspaper in your hands or turn the pages of a TIME magazine. However, local newspaper companies have had to adapt to the times due to decreased readership of their daily, printed publications. You would be hard pressed to find a news station or newspaper company that does not have a website corresponding to their printed product. Often, there are more features and articles on their websites than are available in their daily printed products. However, a common complaint of these websites is the overwhelming amount of advertisements one has to navigate through when viewing the site on your home PC or laptop. Perhaps a small price to pay for such readily available information.

Social media sites have become a gigantic news source, especially in younger crowds. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are where many people, for better or worse, choose to get their news. The problem with these sites is that they can provide very biased and false information. Not to mention, very few subscribers to these sites choose to research the stories that show up on their feeds. They just assume that everything they see is factual. I don’t know about you, but I like to know what I’m talking about when discussing current events. There is surely nothing worse than someone spewing internet “fluff” when trying to take part in an intellectual conversation. “I saw it on the internet. It must be true!”

The only potential benefit for Social Media Sites are its advantages for business advertisements. A company in Markham, ON spoke to us about how they had great success in getting business for their party bus rental. They were able to use social media to more than triple their profits. Many other businesses are able to use social media to their advantage. Apart from this benefit, social media can have negative impacts on the younger generations.

Politics play a very important role in the presentation of today’s news. Several news companies and publications have reputations as leaning one way or the other when it comes to their political affiliation. Republican or Democrat? Left Wing or Right Wing? There is a news channel or publication for everyone. Many of today’s more popular news channels, such as CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, have around the clock programming where no topic is left untouched. And it won’t take you long to find which way these particular channels lean, concerning politics. I’ll let you do the research and find out for yourselves.

So whether you are “old school” and enjoy walking down your driveway to fetch the daily paper, or “new school” and simply power up your Ipad to get your daily fix of news, we live in an age of endless information. The options are mind boggling. Do your research, don’t believe everything you hear, and for the sake of mankind, keep an open mind. Information is power, but power can be dangerous when in the wrong hands.