Presidential Election

The 2016 presidential election is quickly approaching and there is certainly no shortage of media coverage. Let’s face it, it is nearly impossible to turn on the television and not see something related to the upcoming election. Things will only get worse in the coming months, especially because of the two likely controversial candidates. Barring a drastic change in direction, the candidates will be Hillary Clinton representing the Democratic party and Donald Trump representing the Republican party…well…some of the Republican party. No matter what your preferred media format, there is an endless amount of information, stories, and debates concerning this upcoming race. I once heard from a Roofing Contractor that many of the news outlet can be very biased when it comes to speaking the truth

On television, there are several sources of up to the minute information. Cable news stations such as CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC offfer seemingly around the clock coverage of the presidential race. It is no secret that these news giants have political tendencies regarding which party they support, although they will never come out and say it outright. Fox News has long been known as a staunch supporter of the Republican party and if one were to spend an afternoon watching some of their programming, you would clearly see what I am talking about. CNN on the other hand, has been known to favor the left side and is more likely to support all things democratic. It is clearly the choice for “liberals” concerning all things political. Some may argue this point, but it doesn’t take a politician to see what is going on with these news channels. All of these “national” news giants also have the reputation of presenting current events with an over dramatic style to receive better ratings. Nobody enjoys watching boring news stories all day and these massive news stations feed on this. So watch these networks with an open mind and take some of their reporting with a grain of salt.

Local, smaller news stations have a tendency to remain extremely neutral when it comes to politics and election coverage, which many consumers appreciate. People enjoy forming their own opinions and selecting a candidate that supports the causes they are passionate about. However, local news stations do not have the luxury of providing around the clock political coverage and therefore have to pick and choose which stories they care to cover, so you are not always getting the full story when watching your favorite local news station, but maybe less is more when it comes to politics.

Either way you spin it, the upcoming election is going to be very interesting and provide the media with copious amounts of stories and things to debate. Each candidate is considered to be very controversial at this point. Hillary Clinton is on the hot seat for her much discussed email scandal and her poor handling of the terrible Benghazi situation. Donald Trump is a victim of his own arrogance and loud mouth. His rhetoric has already provided a large amount of cannon foder for television reporters, journalists, and community leaders alike. The road is only going to get more trecherous as we near the election later this year. So bunker down and keep your eyes peeled for the latest stories about this election. You will not need to look hard.